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The Grow Brothers are a team of software developers dedicated toward creating and maintaining high-quality pro-marijuana video games as mobile online social entertainment experiences. The development team is made up of Brother Franklin, Brother Flynn, Brother Floyd and Brother Felipe. The brothers, having experienced success with Weed Farmer Classic have decided to team up once again to bring even more advanced and in-depth gameplay as entertainment to the millions of marijuana smokers around the world with their new game Weed Farmer Overgrown.

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Brother Franklin
Programming / Servers / Marketing / Customer Support

Franklin has been an avid gamer since he could hold an Intellivision controller. After spending six years in the Electronic Entertainment Industry, Brother Franklin ventured into Enterprise Computing and high-volume Internet systems. He's happy to be back in gaming and thrilled that mobile technology allows a small team like the Grow Brothers to put out a game like Weed Farmer.

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Brother Flynn
Android Programming / Design

Flynn is a senior programmer and life-time gamer.  His original intention when studying Computer Science was to work on video games.  After nearly ten years working on enterprise application development, he’s back on his original path of being a game developer.

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Brother Felipe
3D Art / Graphics

Felipe has been playing video games since the day his thumbs were developed enough to do so.  Drawing comics and characters as a kid turned into teaching himself how to use industry standard software as a teenager to create his own short films.  Now, with a degree in Game Art and Design, he’s the new artist for Weed Farmer Overgrown and a proud new member of The Grow Brothers.

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Weed Farmer: Overgrown

After the success of the Grow Brother's first foray in to online growing games, with the very popular purchase to play title known as Weed Farmer, the decision was made to take things to the next level as a way to reward the players and keep the sales rolling in. What was created is by far the most advanced computer based marijuana growing game ever created. With Overgrown many of the features players have been asking for in Weed Farmer Classic have been added while the world and depth of gameplay has been greatly enhanced.

Weed Farmer: Overgrown is available on the Android Market for instant download starting August 15th, 2012. This date begins the Open Beta Phase of testing and marks the first time this game begins availability to the general public.

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Weed Farmer / Weed Farmer Classic

Weed Farmer is the first and best massively multiplayer online marijuana growing game! Weed Farmer ( has been and is currently available for most mobile devices running Android OS 1.6 or greater. To date Weed Farmer has sold over 100,000 copies and is played by tens of thousands of players every day!

The game places you in the role of a cannabis farmer in charge of managing all aspects of a growing operation. From choosing the right seeds to buy and plant, which equipment to purchase and install, along with handling crises such as insects and fungus. Of course we didn't forget the best parts, harvesting and cashing in your crop to get even more powerful in this highly addicting online game.

Weed Farmer was developed using the Digital Grow Engine provided by and licensed from Code4Mobile (

Weed Farmer is available on the Android Market for instant download.

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To contact The Grow Brothers use the email addresses provided above. We are always interested in hearing what our customers and other pro-marijuana businesses think about our products. Companies with an interest towards in-game advertising, please contact us at We can feature your real world physical goods and services directly in the game as useable items and areas to be used and interacted with directly by our more than 100,000 players.

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Visit to learn more about Weed Farmer Classic and Weed Farmer: Overgrown the Online Marijuana Growing Games for Android Phones & Tablets.


Weed Farmer Classic  and Weed Farmer Overgrown use the Digital Grow Engine
Created by Code4Mobile
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